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Susan Kendzulak

Susan Kendzulak

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Susan Kendzulak is an artist and writer based in Asia.


Susan has exhibited internationally and has written extensively about fine art for publications including Flash Art, Yishu, Art Review, artinfo.com, culture.tw, WestEast Magazine, Taishin Art Awards and was a contributing reporter for the Taipei Times newspaper. She has copyedited books and numerous catalogs for artists and museums such as the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and ICOM (International Council of Museums). She writes about art for Fine Art at About.com.

You can also read more about Susan's current and past work on her Google Profile: Susan Kendzulak.


Susan majored in painting at School of Visual Arts, NY and received an MA in Humanities from California State University where she wrote her thesis on Chinese conceptual art.

By Susan Kendzulak:

I am interested in what art can do, where it can go, what its limitations are, if any, and where it can bring people. I truly believe art can be transformative, and ultimately, a lifesaver.

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