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Careers in Fine Arts for Professionals - About.com
A Career in Fine Arts describes the various fine arts professionals careers that are available such as artists, art studio assistants, art appraisers, art dealers, art ...
Top 10 Fine Art Museum Careers - About.com
Top 10 Jobs in Fine Art Museums lists the top ten art-related jobs in art museums such as archivists, curators, conservators, museum technicians, art handlers ...
Fine Art Restorer Career Profile - About.com
Profile of fine art restorer as a career describes what it entails to be a fine art restorer. A fine art restorer repairs damages done to art work such as paintings, ...
Choosing Art as a Career - Painting - About.com
Is being an artist a realistic and achievable career? Can anyone really make it as a fine artist, and what other options are available? The short answer is "yes".
Before You Choose a Visual Art Career
choosing a visual art career - an overview of careers in visual art and some things to think about when considering employment in the visual arts.
10 Steps to Kickstart Your Art Career - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Art Career Kick-Start - stop procrastinating and get your art career going. This 10- point plan will help you make the step up from amateur to professional.
Art Career and Business Guide - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Develop your creative career or business in art - there are many creative careers, including design, illustration, fashion, cartooning and animation, as well as ...
Art Careers: Scientific Illustrator - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Scientific Illustration is a career that requires skill in detailed realist drawing. Depending on their specialization, scientific illustrators must be able to ...
What to Do With a Degree in Art - Alternative Careers
What do you do if you go to art school or major in art but don't want a traditional art career. Here are some career options.
Art Careers - Careers in Art - Career Planning - About.com
What careers are there in the field of art - Compare careers in art.
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