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Auction Houses

The Auction Houses section is geared for arts professionals such as those employed at auction houses, working with antiquities and/or appraising fine art. The legal, finance, licensing and security aspects of auction houses will be covered here.
  1. Decorative Arts Auctions
  2. Fine Art Auction Houses FAQs (7)
  3. Profiles of Art Auction Houses (13)

10 Tips on How to Become an Art Auctioneer and Work in an Art Auction House
10 Tips on How to Become a Professional Auctioneer and Work in an Art Auction House

Art Auctions Careers
Fine arts auction house expert Katherine Boyle from Bonhams provides expert advice on how to work in an art auction house.

Art Appraisals and Ethical Issues

When art makes the headlines, it is often due to ethical issues. Since the field of fine art appraisals is based on trust and integrity, ethics is a major consideration.

Here, several leading fine arts experts including certified appraisers and auctioneers provide professional tips on the ethics involved in art appraisals.

Art Auctions and the Law
Art auctions heed legal principles that protect the rights and responsibilities of auctioneers, buyers and sellers, and the public.

Spencer’s Art Law Journal
Spencer’s Art Law Journal, published on artnet three times a year, covers the legal issues for dealers, researchers, collectors and the art public. Articles discuss the legal issues of vague provenance, incorrect attribution and fraud.

Auction Guide
Auction Guide is a comprehensive online list of fine art and antiquities auctions and auctioneers.

Auction Schools
So you want to become an auctioneer or work in an auction house? AuctionGuide.com lists auction schools in the US.

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