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What Are the Skills Needed to Work in an Auction House?


Question: What Are the Skills Needed to Work in an Auction House?
There are numerous auction houses located around the world. It is recommended to check with the individual auction house to determine what its specific job hiring requirements are. However, there are certain skills common to use when working in an auction house.

Skills include good organization and communication ability. And if you have the necessary skills to work in a small business or company, then you will also be able to work in an art auction house.

As an arts specialist, the ability to do extensive research, catalog works and be able to discern the quality and authenticity of art works and objects is required.

While having the skills of a trained specialist in a particular area such as Old Masters paintings is highly regarded at art auction houses, other non-specialized skills are required to fill the job positions in the marketing, accounting and customer service departments.

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