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10 Tips on How to Become an Art Auctioneer and Work in an Art Auction House


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Get a College Degree in Art History
Cave Paintings, Photo Thomas Schmitt © Getty Images

Cave Paintings Circa 550 BC - Cueva de las Manos, Rio Pinturas, Patagonia, Argentina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Photo Thomas Schmitt © Getty Images

To work as an art auctioneer, you will need to become both a specialist in fine art and a savvy business-person. As an art connoisseur, it is mandatory to have a passion in art as this is something that cannot be faked. In other words, you must love handling aesthetic objects like ceramics and paintings and be able to valuate them in the art marketplace.

There are several ways to become an auctioneer: 1. it's your family's business; 2. attend auction school; and 3. apprenticeship.

Here are ten steps to take to get started in your art auction house career.

Step 1. Becoming an expert in your field is the key to success. Many successful people only had a high school education; however in today’s competitive job market, a college degree is necessary. And to become a high level art expert, a graduate and even a doctorate degree in your area of specialization is required.

To work in the field of art auctions, a degree in art history is the first step. Many people working in art auction houses will also be art appraisers who are certified by professional arts organizations.

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