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Curating an Art Show in 10 Easy Steps - A Step by Step Guide for Art Curators


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Procure Funding and Allot Budget
curator's budget and funding

A curator needs to plan a budget and procure funding when curating an art exhibition.

Photo © Christine Balderas, Getty Images

Procuring funds when curating an art exhibition is one of the most daunting tasks of a curator. Apply for art grants through government and non-profit agencies. Be thorough in your research and follow any possibilities in receiving support. Seek corporate sponsorship and loans of equipment such as computers and digital projectors. Get local support from schools and neighborhood organizations. Getting the community involved with your exhibition can help give you extra support.

Include in your budget: artists’ fees, project fees, overhead, advertising, printing catalog and invitations, shipping and handling, customs duty, framing, installing, lighting and opening expenses. Putting on an exhibition can quickly add up.

Kwanyi Pan said when she worked as a curatorial assistant at the non-profit art space PS1, the key to procuring funding was to demonstrate co-operation with the funding body to let them clearly know what they will receive in return. "It is a give and take situation."

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