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Dealers, Appraisers and Brokers

The Dealers, Appraisers and Brokers section provides current business-related news and information for professionals in the fine arts field.
  1. Art Appraisers FAQs (15)
  2. Art Brokers FAQs (2)
  3. Art Dealers FAQs (11)
  4. Art Insurance (3)
  5. Ethics (4)

Art Insurance: Types of Art Insurance Companies
Art Insurance Types of Art Insurance Companies Providing Coverage for Fine Art Collections

What Type of Training or Education Is Needed to Be an Art Broker?

What Type of Training, Education or Licensing Is Required for Art Dealers?
The training needed to be an art dealer can vary, as some dealers will have formal art education, while others do not. However, being licensed in art appraisal can help an art dealer's career.

Art Appraisals and Ethical Issues

When art makes the headlines, it is often due to ethical issues. Since the field of fine art appraisals is based on trust and integrity, ethics is a major consideration.

Here, several leading fine arts experts including certified appraisers and auctioneers provide professional tips on the ethics involved in art appraisals.

The Art Loss Register
With offices in NY, London, Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam, the Art Loss Register is the largest private searchable database which tracks stolen and lost art and antiques.

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