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Fine Art Appraisers: How to Build Your Professional Career as an Art Appraiser


Bonhams Auction, Chagall, Picasso

An employee of Bonhams auction house adjusts a painting by Pablo Picasso next to a painting by Marc Chagall which featured in their Impressionist and Modern Art Sale on June 1, 2010 in London, England.

Photo © Oli Scarff/Getty Images

To work as a fine art appraiser takes years of training, education and specialization. Additionally, your art appraisal certification needs to be updated every few years.

To build your career as a fine art appraiser, it is vital that you become an expert in your field. Once you have established yourself as an art appraisal expert, you will have a lucrative career.

Art appraiser Mary Carpenter provides some professional tips for those who want to advance in the field:

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Your Professional Life

Here's How:

  1. “Once you have attained the credentials necessary, networking is vital. “
  2. “Join study groups at your local museum."
  3. "Attend gallery openings and lectures about art."
  4. "Develop relationships with art collectors, connoisseurs, attorneys and accountants who might be involved with estate or tax planning. All of these sources are wonderful means for referrals, as well as the memberships in the above-mentioned organizations."
  5. “After you are established, every appraisal report you submit is the best referral for the next prospective job."


  1. Network: Online and in Person

    Hand out those business cards. Create a vibrant web presence.

  2. Be Proactive

    Make opportunities happen by being prepared and meeting people.

  3. Be Professionally Social

    Attend art openings, art conferences and appraisers organization meetings.

  4. Follow-up with Phone Calls and E-Mail

    Keep in touch with your contacts.

What You Need

  • Art Expertise
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Passion to Be an Art Appraiser
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