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Career Profile of Art Studio Assistant


Job Description for Art Studio Assistant:

An art studio assistant works for an established artist.

Work duties vary depending on the needs of the artist. The work ranges from general to highly specialized assistance.

Being a studio assistant could include secretarial work, bookkeeping, picking up dry-cleaning, to stretching canvases, fabricating major artworks, working on production and post-production of art works.

Each situation is different.

Education Needed to Be an Art Studio Assistant:

Art studio assistants are often fresh out of art school or still may be in art school. Working for an established artist helps the studio assistant to see how professional artists work with galleries and museums and keep producing new work.

How to Be an Art Studio Assistant:

These jobs are often found via word of mouth by people working in the arts. These jobs mainly take place in cities that have big art centers such as New York. Sometimes these jobs are advertised in job listings and art school bulletin boards.

Career Advancement to Be an Art Studio Assistant:

Most art studio assistants are young artists who are looking to establish their own art careers. So in most cases, the position of studio assistant is transitory.

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