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Fine Arts Professional Careers


To work in the field of fine arts is a dream come true. Whether you work in a large institution like a museum or you operate your own art gallery, there are specific career steps to take.

This section provides the resources available for those wanting to work in art auction houses, to work as archivists or conservators, or to work independently as artists, curators or researchers.

Also, there are various career choices to make in the field of fine art. Select the one that is best for you.

  1. Artists
  2. Art Appraisers, Brokers and Dealers
  3. Art Auction House Staff
  4. Curators
  1. Art Galleries
  2. Art Museums
  3. Other Careers in the Fine Arts


Artist Pablo Picasso in 1955 photographed by George Stroud / Getty Images.

Professional and practical career information for visual artists.

Art Appraisers, Brokers and Dealers

Photo © Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Professional career information for art appraisers, art dealers and brokers.

Art Auction House Staff

Bonhams Auction House, Photo © Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Professional career information for fine art and decorative arts auction house staff.


Photo © Mariana Eliano/Cover/Getty Images

Whether you are working as an in-house museum curator or as a freelance independent curator, the professional resources for your career are provided here.

Art Galleries

Dulwich Picture Gallery, Photo by Oli Scarff © Getty Images

The professional resources for running an art gallery are provided here.

Art Museums

Italian Skylight Halls at the State Hermitage Museum, Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Here are the professional resources for art museum careers.

Other Careers in the Fine Arts

Art Exhibition Installation

Besides working as an artist or art dealer, there is a wide range of careers in the fine arts such as artist assistant, archivist, registrar, fabricators exhibition designer, publicity dept., education dept., etc.

Such jobs can take place in studios, foundries, art fairs, museums, galleries, auction houses, public art venues, etc.

This section will provide the professional links to these types of art careers.

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