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Readers Respond: Readers Define Artwork's Characteristics

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From the article: Fine Art FAQs

"Art" is not so easily defined, so let's try to describe the characteristics of an artwork. You the reader are invited to submit your understanding of what makes something an artwork.

Philosopher and art critic Arthur Danto had this to say, in comparing the Brillo boxes in a supermarket and Andy Warhol's version: "Given two things that resemble one another to any chosen degree, but one of them a work of art and the other an ordinary object, what accounts for this difference in status?"

It's an interesting question and I look forward to your answers!

Created by humans

Art is something created to enhance or express an individuals views. I wish I could say one primary characteristic is quality, but it is not. Even poorly done objects can still be "art". Those who have high standards only react to the well done, even if it is not beautiful. Good art does show technical skill and care, but it is so much more than simply well made. It is original, innovative, expressive. It is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

What Defines Art?

Art has technical skill of the maker, competent and creative use of their tools and materials. Creative interpretation and rendition of the subject. It has an emotional impact on the viewer.
—Guest Josie
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