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Readers Respond: Readers Offer Their Definitions of Art

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From the article: Fine Art FAQs
"Art" is such a broad topic and not so easy to define. So you the reader are invited to submit your definition of what is art.

Is art a modern invention?

I can understand the argument, but don't think it is completely true. Our modern definitions of art are what we are talking about. What is art? this changes as we change, as our culture changes. Our art and our feelings about it define who we are as a people. Art is both defined by us and defines us. When we as a species started making art, symbolic things, things just because we liked them, that is when we became people.

Art is life

Everything we breathe, eat, do, speak, paint, draw, design is art.
—Guest Elzette

I like reading your article!

Yes, the Art restoration is very important after accidents had been happened but also we must make more and more effort to prevent those from vandalism such as political/ religious fanaticism or individual madness. I appreciate your article.
—Guest Kaz Flathead

Art is better than it has to be

Art is that which enriches our lives, gives meaning, definition or expression to the human condition. Art is more than pretty, although it is that too, sometimes, but it is also working things out, problem solves and communication. It can be positive, negative, beautiful or grotest. It both expands and compresses our world view

Human instinct and nature

Art is craftsmanship. In early human history, artists carved wood or stone, and marked the ground for necessity. Art didn't come from BS from swindlers.

Art is abused too often as a word

As an active and enthusiastic follower and practioner of new dawn of Kitsch I have come to the conclusion that the header "art" means nothing.. When used by the media it often reffers to bold statements made by influencial people That are said to be made to make us think, they are often shocking..or ment to be. On the other hand, things created with an amount of skill are often reffered to as ;fine art...postcard landscapes painted nicely and cleverly..beautiful sculptures of human figures... Sometimes its impossible to find the right word to cover something and only "art" will more or less cover the load, but thats all it is to me..a word for the lack of a better discription.. Personally if Im pushed, I would say art. TO ME, is a work that moves me and is made with great skill..its personal I think...but this is how I feel, a bit cheated by lumbersome institutions throwing wadds of money at projects calling it art Nd thus dictating the world what we should see and should name as art..
—Guest Patina

Art is hearsay

Art is hearsay. I have an experience, then I create something to relay that experience to you. My experience may be an emotion, then again it may be a simple sight. In my case, it's a simple experiment. If it were a practice art dance or song, it might go unnoticed, mine however get stuck to canvases on the first rehearsal. So art is not a blanket statement of what is. Rather it's what I experienced as best I can relay it.


Art is way of understanding, illuminating, or explaining our emotions, our world, and the world around us. Art can be strictly beautiful, or meaningful, or even functional.
—Guest orangedog205

In the Eye

Fine art is in the eye of the creator; declare it to be a piece of art and not a urinal and in the right context it is and out of the context it isn't. True art is in the eye of the viewer, seeing it without the creator having to declare it.
—Guest Angie


Art is created by artists. They think of the idea, then make a painting, sculpture or film.

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